Andre Hazes management about Sarah’s departure to Spain

Andre Hazes management about Sarah's departure to Spain

But in addition to the influential family, the management of her friend Andrei now also responded to the situation. “You have to be strong to survive in this day and age when people have a say in you,” the management says. Show news. “Especially if she did not choose him. Andrei will always support her.”


Andre and Sarah also made their voices heard on Monday evening, after gossip about Sarah’s departure to Spain. Instagrammer Yvonne Coldwegger claimed it juice-channel iPhone life That Sarah was going to rehab in Spain. Gossip Both Andre and Sarah thought it had gone too far.

Both Gnawing on Instagram Stories. For example, the singer shares a screenshot from a private conversation with Yvonne. In it, he asked her to remove the gossip from her account – a story reposted by his girlfriend. Then Sarah also tells her story. “Now the jokes are ready for me,” she wrote. “This has nothing to do with gossip anymore. It’s just, as I call it, bullying.

However, both have yet to respond to the reason for Sarah’s departure for Spain, which is: media training.

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