Andre and Sarah seal love with matching tattoos

Andre and Sarah seal love with matching tattoos

A new home, endless love journeys and now also a matching tattoo. Andrei does not let the grass grow above him. And despite the fact that Monique’s tattoo is still on his body, he does not consider himself a “stupid head”, as he wrote in his column. Veronica Superguide. My impulsivity sometimes drives me shit, but it’s also a trait that produces the best adventures. When my neck is clean, the fresh start is complete. Because yes, in that neck is still his engagement date with Moon.

Andre shares his addiction history with Sarah. “Something we don’t judge each other for.” The matching tattoo has something to do with this. Text coming soon I love her, not for the way she silences my demons, but for the way her demons dance with mine.on his ribs. She actually has an “I love him” version on her spine. “From the neck to the buttocks. Super fat and super sexy.

The singer also tells in his column that he was only ten years old when he got his first tattoo. He would have his father’s ashes in a necklace on a chain, but his mother Rachel was afraid he would lose them. That is why she requested the same wrist tattoo three times at the tattoo parlor, referring to their wedding date. Little did she know she set the tone for a life full of tattoos.

At that time, Andrei also had a tattoo of Bridget Masland: a bridge. A while ago, the singer also had cornrows fitted, but they weren’t permanent.

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