And the U.S. and Ukraine signed on to the Dutch initiative for clean trucks

And the U.S. and Ukraine signed on to the Dutch initiative for clean trucks

Ten new countries are rallying behind the Dutch initiative for clean heavy road transport. They are Ukraine, USA, Aruba, Belgium, Ireland, Curacao, Dominican Republic, Croatia, Liechtenstein and Lithuania. At a climate summit in Egypt today, they signed up to a pledge to have all new trucks and buses in their country run zero-emissions by 2040. For example, electricity or hydrogen. This is the next step towards completely clean and pollution-free road transport by 2050. The total number of signatories now stands at 26.

Clean saves a lot of emissions
Trucks and buses are very important for transporting goods and people. The Netherlands is a true transit country. But heavy traffic also causes more pollution. It is responsible for a third of CO2 emissions and about 70% of nitrogen emissions from all road traffic worldwide, and produces many harmful gases that people directly inhale.

The Netherlands has agreed to make all mass transit clean by 2050 in the climate agreement. Since a truck lasts an average of ten years, we need to ensure that all new trucks on the road by 2040 are clean. The Netherlands launched the agreement at last year’s climate conference in Glasgow. So now ten new countries have joined. America is the country with the most trucks on the road after China. President Biden wants to green the economy, and this Dutch initiative fits in with that. In particular, it is estimated that by 2050 there will be three times as many trucks in the United States. Ukraine has stated that it wants to build a fossil-free country as soon as possible. The Dominican Republic expects very strong economic growth and wants to capitalize on it now.

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More countries are participating
Secretary of State Heijnen (Infrastructure and Water Management): “It’s a big milestone that the US now supports the Dutch goal of making all new trucks zero-emissions by 2040. Our agreement at the climate summit makes a real difference. I’m proud. And more countries are participating. We’re coming together.” Really can make a difference. By sending a clear signal to the global market, when transportation companies switch to an electric truck or a truck that runs on hydrogen, there will be more and cheaper supplies sooner. It’s good for them and good for the climate, so I urge other countries to join in.”

Global cooperation is key
In addition to 26 countries, numerous federal states, banks, companies and truck manufacturers are participating. California and Quebec, like DHL, Heineken, Scania, BYD and today, Siemens. How to overcome the price difference between purchasing diesel and electricity or hydrogen is a current theme that State Secretary Heijnen has initiated greater cooperation with at the COP. Zero-emission trucks will be cheaper over the entire lifespan in the not-too-distant future. However, entrepreneurs may be reluctant to buy due to high acquisition costs. The Netherlands has a purchase subsidy for clean trucks for this purpose. In India, where Telangana is participating, electric buses are jointly tendered. This reduces the price difference.

Participating countries
In addition to the Netherlands, the following are participating: Aruba, Belgium, Canada, Chile, Curacao, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ireland, Finland, Liechtenstein, Croatia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, Austria, Ukraine, Scotland, Turkey, Uruguay, United Kingdom, USA, Wales and Switzerland.

Source: Central government

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