An unabashedly vulgar talk show host, but always impeccably dressed

An unabashedly vulgar talk show host, but always impeccably dressed

The real circus is long gone, but Jerry Springer’s American TV Circus drew audiences of millions from 1991 to 2018. It was supposed to be a talk show. But the program that bore the same name as its presenter, Jerry SpringerIt was often over a scream show. It was unabashedly vulgar, and for viewers, that was probably the magic.

The guests often attacked each other, and were sometimes rude at the mouth. The audience shouted, scolded, or rejoiced. Topics ranged from adultery, dealing with the family purse, racism and other issues that husband and wife, brother and sister, neighbor and neighbors could get into each other’s hair in front of a television audience.

For Jerry Springer, whose political career never took off and who instead became a television journalist, the show brought national and international exposure. But also a lot of scorn from the audience who thought the show was indeed too vulgar (but probably viewed it anyway as a “guilty pleasure”). Springer passed away Thursday at the age of 79.


Although Jerry Springer, the man, owes his fame to Jerry Springer on the show, he doesn’t match up. Dressed in his fine attire, the presenter commanded the often chaotic scene with the flair of a circus manager. He could even take a certain distance from mocking him. Then the paper TV guide Once dubbed the show “The Worst Show of All Time,” Springer embraced the label, even using it as promotional opening words for his show.

Jerry Springer in 2004.

Photo by Chris Young/EPA

Gerald Norman Springer was born in 1944 in a London Underground station, which served as an air raid shelter during the German bombing of World War II. His parents were Jews who had fled Germany. In 1949 the family moved to the United States.

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As a boy he fell under the spell of John F. Kennedy. Kennedy, later going into business with his brother, Robert F. Kennedy. He unsuccessfully ran for a seat in Congress.

He made it to the Cincinnati City Council. He even survived the scandal of visiting a prostitute. became famous TV spot In which he honestly admits: “I’ve spent time with a woman. I shouldn’t have done that. I paid her with a check, I wish I hadn’t taken her out and hadn’t taken her out.”

Cincinnati Mayor

One year he was mayor of Cincinnati, an attempt to become governor failed. As host of a local news show, he always ended with the words, “Take care of yourself and each other”—a guard he would later take to his own show.

At first, his show was political in nature. But soon the plan was changed. Conflict-like conversations, between ordinary people who know each other, about controversial issues or problems from their daily lives – it turns out to be attractive to viewers.

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With reference to popular tabloids, the show was dubbed “tabloid talk show,” or the less friendly “garbage TV”—as the disdain for famous guests also seemed to be. Springer himself did not look down on them and – unlike many of his guests – seemed cool with everyone.

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