Amsterdam UMC deplores Juice Channel’s call about medical data sharing

Amsterdam UMC deplores Juice Channel's call about medical data sharing


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UMC Amsterdam is not happy with a call from juice vlogger Yvonne Coldweger. Last night the “spies at VUmc” were asked to share information about the medical condition of royal journalist Mark van der Linden. According to a spokesperson, hospital staff are furious at the idea that they would leak this type of information from a medical file. “This is not appropriate for the profession, they have medical confidentiality.”

Van der Linden ended up in hospital last week after suffering a cerebral infarction. He shared a video on Instagram last night giving an update on his recovery. Coldeweijer then made her application on the same platform, “because I would very much like to ask something about this.”

After an angry reaction from Van der Linden, Coldeweijer said she wanted to know how he got his black eye. She also said she had already heard “from VUmc spies” that the royal journalist fell on his head at some point aftermath.

criminal act

The hospital said in a response on Twitter that patient privacy was “of great importance”. “We assume that our employees never share information with others because of their medical confidentiality.”

Coldeweijer wrote today in an Instagram response that the hospital needed a “reading comprehension course,” because she didn’t use the word staff in her post last night. It also emphasizes the presence of patients and visitors in hospitals.

Still, Koldauer’s request to share information about a patient is remarkable, says Bart Jacobs, professor of cybersecurity at Radboud University Nijmegen. “The phenomenon in itself is not new,” he says. “It also happens in the world of private detectives, for example. But it’s special that it’s happening now in public.”

According to Jacobs, the call is an “invitation to criminal action”, because hospital staff must abide by a duty of confidentiality. For this reason, he believes that the prosecution should consider whether to prosecute Coldweger for sedition or sedition.

Don’t just look

According to the professor, hospitals have strict regulations for their staff on how they handle patient information. “The rule is: don’t look into someone else’s file, unless there is a medical reason to do so.” According to him, when employees do this without reason, they are violating hospital rules and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Sometimes in the past, Jacobs says, things went wrong. So See Dozens of employees of Haga Hospital in The Hague without medical reason in the file of reality star Samantha de Jong known as Barbie. After an investigation by the Dutch Data Protection Authority, the hospital received a file Fine 460,000 euros due to negligence in handling patient data.

According to the spokesperson, the reactions from UMC Amsterdam Hospital staff this morning show that they take it for granted that staff do not pass on patient information. “They say: We are discussing something logical, this is part of a professional blog.”

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