Amsterdam is once again the battleground for the famous Call of Duty: Rijksmuseum, CS and Muiderslot

Amsterdam is once again the battleground for the famous Call of Duty: Rijksmuseum, CS and Muiderslot

The creators of Call of Duty are clearly big fans of the city. For the fourth time, players can use Amsterdam as a shooting game battlefield, including buildings already outside the city limits. This time you can in the free and popular version of the game, Warzone.

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Named after Vondel by its developers, the “War Zone Map” was created for a version of the game where a large number of players compete against each other until only one team or player remains. So the size of the map is larger than usual in the game.

Well Muiderslot, not Vondelpark

Since the map is very large, there are many so-called Points of interest. The Royal Palace, Central Station and Rijksmuseum can all be found here. For the rest, buildings such as Waag, Nieuwmarkt, Eye and several canal houses are included as parts. In addition to all the canals that run across the map, there is also a moat around a 13th century castle. Which is also similar to Muiderslot or Amsterdam Castle. Curiously, Vondelpark is not included, while the map still bears the name of the park.

Starting June 14th, Amsterdam will be the free battlefield in the new season of Warzone. All the highlights of “Amsterdam” recorded by the game makers are here to find return.

Fourth time

It is the fourth time that the makers of the popular shooting game have taken to the streets of Amsterdam. In Black Ops II, from 2012, Winter Amsterdam is part of the game for the first time. Next up, 2020’s Black Ops Cold War was on Campaign mode Part of the red-light district, where two residents spoke of “a part…a part…a part of bitterballen.”

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In Modern Warfare II, which was released last year, an ultra-realistic version of De Wallen can be seen as a mission and players can fight each other in Multiplayer mapwhich was very similar to the Conservatorium Hotel.

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