Amsterdam and Utrecht call for intervention after alarming increase in homeless | Currently

Amsterdam and Utrecht call for intervention after alarming increase in homeless |  Currently

Amsterdam and Utrecht are calling on the cabinet to intervene forcefully after “an alarming increase in the number of homeless”. They write this in a letter to the House of Representatives, which is in the hands of More and more homeless can be seen on the streets, and health care providers are seeing similar signs.

The number of homeless people has risen sharply in the past 10 years, writes in the letter Amsterdam alderman Rutger Grote Wassenk (Reception Desk) and Utrecht Alderman Rachel Striveland (Social Shelter and Protected Life). Municipal council members believe this will now increase even more. “All the flags are red again.”

The expected increase in the number of homeless is linked to the cost crisis. At the same time, the housing crisis makes it difficult to find a suitable place to live.

Street workers in our cities report that more people are sleeping outdoors than last year, council members wrote. “In addition, health care providers report that the number of economically homeless people who come to them for support is already as high as in the entire previous year.”

It is difficult to determine the number of homeless in the coming winter. The CBS Census Bureau comes up with estimates each year, but that doesn’t include people who, for example, sleep on the sofa with friends.

Cabinet releases extra money, cities want allotment

And the Council of Ministers announced last summer that they want an additional 65 million euros each year Release to address displacement. This means that the focus should be on providing housing more than on temporary housing.

It is not yet clear exactly how the money will be distributed. Amsterdam and Utrecht stress that the funds should be used to make room for the allocation. For example, cities want to focus more on prevention and provide quick and appropriate support to homeless people who are on the waiting list for assisted living.

Cities want to provide extra money to deal with vulnerable EU citizens. In September, a plan was presented to help these people. But the seven million euros needed for this, according to the Chamber of Deputies, should not be deducted from the 65 million euros.

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