Amstel Live Friends return in May with eight concerts | Displays

Amstel Live Friends return in May with eight concerts |  Displays

After two years without night after night, it is full of love for Amstel Live Friends The event returns in May with eight concerts. It was just announced by the singers and friendsBroadcasters Nick and Simon.

It’s an extra version of what’s known as “the biggest pub in the Netherlands” on May 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 9. Tickets will go on sale Saturday at 10am. People who had a ticket for a previous edition and got their money back for it, don’t get priority in this ticket sale. That previously pledged priority applies to the 2023 version.

It will feature 23 artists, including Guus Meeuwis, Di-rect, Nick & Simon, Thomas Acda, Chef’ Special and Maan. β€œIt sure looks like it is. Perhaps more than ever, people will go wild,” Diggy Dex anticipates about 15,000 expected visitors each night. Roel van Velzen: , people crave this a lot.” Davina Michel, Fleming and Rolf Sanchez made their debut among the regulars friends-clique.


In mid-January, artists such as Miss Montreal, Van Velzen, and Typhoon were in the prime of kick-off for the 24th edition of the Amstel Live Friends, against all knowledge. It was not clear until the last minute whether the government would give the green light to the festival, or whether the Corona measures would last longer.

Although organizer Mitchell Hoffmann of Tribe de Inc The mood was already on holdWithdrawal was not an option because the guaranty fund only pays if the government – not the organization – pulls the plug. And indeed, fourteen (!) concerts were not allowed. A year ago, the popular musical event was broadcast.

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Amstel Friends LIVE has been organized annually in Rotterdam Ahoy since 1998. Every year great Dutch artists participate. Guus Meeuwis now owns the largest number of editions of his name, which are sixteen.

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