Americans go to the polls again in last place

Americans go to the polls again in last place
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Americans in the state of Georgia are heading to the polls again tomorrow for the midterm elections. Where they first took place four weeks ago, Georgia State is still undecided. The Senate seat is one of the most important for both Democrats and Republicans.

Who Will Take America's Last Senate Seat?
Who Will Take America’s Last Senate Seat? (EPA)

Although the Democrats have already won the Senate in the United States, the so-called Georgia runoff is causing great tension within the country. Foreign commentator and producer of BNR’s America podcast, Bernard Hummelberg, knows this. “It’s basically the same as the previous election,” he says. “Both parties have 50 seats, and the Democrats have a vice president who has the casting vote. Formally it’s the majority, but it’s a bit of a struggle because it’s really fifty-fifty.’

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Hummelburg insists that in previous midterm elections it was up to the leaders of both parties to “negotiate” who would lead which group. ‘The leadership of that group is very important to guide the election,’ he continues. “But the moment they can win an extra Senate seat, they have a real majority. And that creates more power.’

‘Too close to call’

The reason the election was held in Georgia was because the margin of credibility was so small. Hammelburg compares the situation to France and the elections there. “Somebody needs to get at least 50.1 percent of the vote in the first round, but if that doesn’t work out — as in this case — it should be over.”

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The race is between Republican Herschel Walker and incumbent Democrat Senator Raphael Warnock. According to Hummelberg’s podcast colleague, American correspondent John Postma, the candidates couldn’t be further apart. “Walker is a former American football player and he’s really seen as a hero in Georgia,” he says. “Plus, he’s backed by Trump, and that’s also very important.”


But precisely because of that support came criticism of Walker. According to Postma, the Republican Party doesn’t think he’s strong enough, and his candidacy is clouded by scandals. “Walker is considered a staunch conservative and anti-abortionist,” Postma continues. “But in recent months, a number of women have come forward claiming that Walker paid for abortions and that he has many undisclosed children. A man with a lot to do.’

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The current Democratic candidate is a senator and a pastor in Atlanta. Postma continues at Martin Luther King’s old church, of all places. Warnock became a senator two years ago in a temporary seat, and then after a second term. But he is now accustomed to combine campaigning and pastoralism.’

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