American woman with dementia gets 3 million after heavy arrest

American woman with dementia gets 3 million after heavy arrest

Police officers handcuffed Karen Corner last year and kept her at the police station for hours for stealing from the store. The depressed woman’s family then prosecuted the city and the two officers who arrested her.

Back position

This arrest has had severe consequences for Corner. A lawyer told a news conference yesterday that his health had deteriorated since the incident. She needs constant care.

Police body game pictures released in the spring show the woman being arrested:

A spokesman for Lennland Municipality, 50 miles north of Denver, issued a written statement offering a “deep and sincere apology” for acknowledging that “the values ​​and integrity established by the city have not been upheld”. .

‘Not allowed’

Officers have resigned and are under investigation at the end of September, among other things, for assault due to physical injury and official misconduct. Initially, their supervisors were said to have acted “properly” last year, but the police chief now said “there is no excuse for what happened to Ms. Corner under any circumstances.”

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