American cars no longer need manual controls

In the United States, authorities have issued new traffic regulations that eliminate the need for automakers to equip fully autonomous vehicles with manual operation capabilities. This was announced by the US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Until now, manufacturers of fully autonomous vehicles had to provide manual controls to meet crash standards.


“Automakers and technology companies are facing significant difficulties in introducing vehicles with automated driving systems,” the Reuters news agency reported.

“After all, it is impossible to meet applicable safety standards without the possibility of human control. Those standards were written decades ago and people assume they will always be in control of the vehicle.

Last month, General Motors and its subsidiary Cruise, which specializes in self-driving technology, launched the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration A petition was filed seeking permission to build a self-driving vehicle that no longer provided instructions for manual intervention such as steering wheels or brake pedals.

The new rules amend the rules that vehicles must always have a driver’s seat, steering wheel and steering column. The U.S. Transportation Bureau now states that “there is no logical need for manually operated controls for vehicles designed to be driven solely by the automatic driving system.”


The new rules, proposed in March two years ago, emphasize automated vehicles The same level of protection As man-driven cars.

The new rules provide that children should not occupy the driving position even if the car is self-driving. “The driver’s seat was not set up to protect children in the accident.

The Transport Service said the current regulations Use of automatic vehicles Manual driving is not currently banned as long as there are restrictions.

“Manufacturers have yet to petition for their autonomous movement designs, considering whether other safety standards will be considered for possible change. Exemption from human control In the controller. “

However, the licensing process may be less complicated.

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