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AMD will change its naming convention for Ryzen laptop processors starting next year. According to AMD, this makes it easier to distinguish between models. It’s just about the names of the CPUs for the Ryzen laptop. The naming of desktop variables remains unchanged.

AMD It adapts to the label of its processors In their own words, in part because the old-fashioned name system no longer makes room for CPUs in new processor classes. Ryzen Mobile processors will keep the four-digit model name with a suffix, but the meaning of the numbers will be changed. For example, starting next year, AMD will allocate a record-breaking infrastructure. This was not always clear in the past. AMD had the Ryzen 5000 Mobile series for example Both processors with Zen 2 cores and Zen 3 based models.

As of next year, the first number in the model name indicates the year the processor was released. Next year AMD will start with number 7, which represents 2023. In 2024, Ryzen 8000 will appear and so on. The second number in the model name indicates the market segment, which identifies whether the chip falls into the Ryzen 3, 5, 7, or 9 series. Athlon Silver and Athlon Gold are also indicated this way, with “1” or “2” respectively.

The third digit indicates the core architecture, where the number 4 means, for example, that the processor has Zen 4 cores. The fourth number is for “feature isolation”, which indicates small differences in performance between chips. For example, the final Ryzen 7 7945U will perform slightly better than the 7940U. Current suffixes, such as “U” and “HX”, remain unchanged and indicate the tdp of the CPU. AMD offers as an example the Ryzen 5 7640U CPU, which dates back to 2023, which is housed in the Ryzen 5 series, has Zen 4 cores and has a TDP of 18 to 25W.

AMD will use this system from next year with its Ryzen 7000 laptop processors. In 2023, for example, the company will release the 7020 series of laptop processors based on Zen 2, two series of Ryzen 7030 CPUs based on Zen 3 and two Ryzen 7040 chips based on Zen 3. to Zen 4. This scheme does not apply to AMD’s Ryzen desktop processors. ; They will continue to use their current naming convention.

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