AMD tests Fluid Motion Frames for all games built on DirectX 11 and 12 – PC – News

There are some less obvious things in the article.

Firstly – there is a missing link for the driver with AFMF, so here it is Here is the electronic link.

FSR3 With the creation of the framework it must be integrated by the game creator, which so far only exists in Forspoken and Immortals of Aveum. It’s a frame creation by AMD, but functionally it has nothing to do with the AFMF feature in the preview drivers, mainly due to the very different settings needed to get it to work. For example, FSR3 needs VSync, but AFMF only works without VSync.

AFMF He is in the driver and has been ever since September 30 Available for RX 7000 GPUs, with the update available for RX 6000 GPUs since then 6 October. Latest update on October 13 It includes support for HDR and better frame rate.

AFMF has never been limited, and has always worked on Dx11/Dx12 games since the first release of the preview driver. Additionally, AMD described it as clumsy in terms of Vulkan support, but the September 30th release had support for Vulkan, which was temporarily removed in the October 6th release, but has been back on since October 13th.

Personal addition:
The latest release of the preview driver makes AFMF worth enabling. Previous versions of this suffered from frame rate issues, meaning games ran worse with AFMF than without it. This issue has now been resolved and runs much smoother (with limitations, for example, shutting down when moving the mouse quickly). It’s a good (and especially necessary) improvement to demonstrate this technique. It’s also good to see the speed of patches, although AMD could have done a better job in terms of connectivity.

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