AMD responds to reports of ‘exploding’ Ryzen 7000X3D processors due to overvoltage – PC – News

Sorry, but really no one except the most well-read computer geek would ever do this. ALL REVIEWERS AND MANUFACTURERS SAY: XMP/EXPO RUN. And that makes perfect sense, because if you don’t, your RAM won’t do what it says on the package.
And even then we’re talking about a small percentage of users who know what XMP/EXPO is, it’s just starting to become common knowledge among PC builders.
For years this wasn’t an issue at all, and now that things have gone wrong, everyone is willing to defend manufacturers and their overclocking name.

In fact, many youtubers/tech websites spoil the OEMs if it’s not running, because it’s just a free performer with a single BIOS toggle.

Surely this should not be the users problem, but the manufacturers problem (whether it’s CPU, RAM or MoBo I don’t care).

Again: technically it may be overclocking, but if all manufacturers declare it as something normal, then I think they should also be responsible for it under warranty.

Just a shade about composed life:
Here I just do not agree with you. I’ve worked part-time at a computer store for 10 years, have always enabled XMP on new systems since it’s been around, and never saw a faulty CPU in the first place.
The RAM dies sometimes, but more often than not it’s the lean green PCB models running on JEDEC. Anecdotal evidence perhaps, but with n > 1000.

99.9% of what goes on in computers is hard drive/SSD or fans.

I always find all this nonsense about shelf life such nonsense. You can pull almost any random computer from eBay/Marktplaats, regardless of age or abuse, and your GPU/CPU will run happily as long as the cooling allows.

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