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You mean a few high-end gaming PCs that are in every residential area? Now you act like everyone has one. In the evening everyone turns on the electric stove or oven about the same time, which not everyone has either, but there are larger amounts and the stove / stove can easily draw 2000-3000 watts each if they are at a high. Going well every day.
Gaming PCs are just a slight drop in peak consumption.

Do you also realize that large, heavy video cards that are under stress usually cost more than 500 euros. Even among players they are very, very rare. You don’t realize it because they’re in the news a lot on tweakers, youtube and the like, but take a look at our Steam devices survey. The average player has a 150W sub-video card.

In addition, most other electrical appliances are becoming more energy efficient these days. Vacuum cleaners were limited a few years ago, and the efficiency of washers and dryers has greatly improved in recent years. People are increasingly using energy-saving lamps or LED lights and more and more are being done on mobile devices instead of desktop computers, which is also more efficient.

I think the chance of gaming PCs being banned in the Netherlands is really nil. mostly After a few years of boiling, there will be a bill from the European Union that PCs must also have a power limit like vacuum cleaners. Since Europe is a large market, video card consumption is again declining.

tl; Dr
You have to keep in mind that 800 watts, a great gaming PC, is absolutely nothing when you’re talking about the power grid.
It’s only half of the traditional big consumers at home, and, say, an EV charger or deep fryer, stove or oven pulling five times that amount for years.
Lasagna in the oven for 45 minutes consumes as much energy as computer games 500 watts for 5.5 hours

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