March 24, 2023

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Amazon introduces the first Kindle tablet with a pen to write on – Tablets and Phones – News

I’ve been thinking about getting a digital notebook for notes and reports for my work for some time now.

For now, it’s still the best option to choose between Remarkable 2 (which everyone now knows and feels like writing in pencil on paper), Ratta Supernote A6 x or A5 x (a lesser known brand, which has the experience of writing with pen on paper). It gives the feel of writing on paper, it’s as fast in terms of latency as a Note and in terms of organizing your notes and development roadmap it beats a Note 2).
For a Supernote roadmap, see…a6x-software-roadmap-2022

However, both brands cost a lot more than the $370 a Kindle Scribe (think $500-800) would cost.

If Amazon can offer the same software functionality (I think this will take a year or two of software releases) for the advertised price (which I think is pretty low because of course Amazon is hoping to buy more e-books as well) / You’re already in their ecosystem with Kindle), Then I found my digital notebook!

So the big question is: Is Amazon fully committed to the writing/notes functionality (the electronic notebook you can read too), or is it an e-reader that you can also take notes with?

Also check out My Deep Guide on YouTube for loads of information and comparisons in the field of electronic laptops:

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