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Sliding scale. What you don’t worry about now will get worse.
Let’s assume they don’t do government and religion – which is already a vague notion that you are already blocking by tracking anything in the 1st place (without clear personal choice) – then it takes a while for them to get 90% of yours. Set it to 100% “what you think” in the data with the “do not worry” and 1 switch but you depend on them to the extent that there is no other way.

It is rare for you to collect data for the sole purpose of making it easy for you to use. I agree with you on that point, but in reality it has a privacy / freedom “price”. I think the important thing here is that freedom comes with a little pain. You can leave things so that others do not gain too much power and intelligence over you.

The smart toilet is good for many. Even a health tracker. With that data, if you are healthy, you can get more efficient and less expensive insurance. But, since you belong to the risk group, if that information is not suddenly insured to you, suddenly we do not like it, we are ashamed to talk about it – even if you chose it yourself with your opinion.

Or what you think you are insured for. After a pleasant evening, you urinate in your smart toilet in the morning and find that you have drunk a little too much and that information goes to the insurer. That afternoon you had a heart attack and rushed to the hospital, where you were denied entry because you drank too much according to the insurer’s guidelines – this could be Amazon’s insurance and see what else you can do. You do it in your life and you actually ordered those cocktail mixes and bottles of liquor.

You can’t say that privacy is important to you, and then look at the short-term convenience and not want to see the moment when all of those things come together.

The worst part is that as long as the masses continue to consume that feature and the privacy issue is only important to the group of tweakers it is no big deal. We have to go with the crowd or you will simply be excluded.

We have already seen how easy this is with Covid … it takes a while before it happens in many drastic ways.

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