Amazed by Georgina Verban’s look: “Disguised as Katya?”

Verbazing over uiterlijk Georgina

Georgina Verban sat down at Khaled and Sophie’s table to complain about the farmers. But viewers were pretty distracted by her looks. Georgina Katja Schurmann suddenly looks like two drops of water!

Georgina Firban was under a magnifying glass last night when she joined Khaled and Sophie’s talk show. Not only because of her statements, but also because of her appearance, which has changed in a miraculous way.

“two sizes”

At the table, Georgina talked about farmers. She believes climate protesters are being dealt with much more harshly than farmers’ protest. The whole country was flat, there were barbecues and things were set on fire. Then I think it’s a bit like taking a double standard,” says Georgina.

She must keep her mouth shut

Viewers strongly disagree with Georgina. One wrote on Twitter: “Georgina Verban should shut her mouth.” Another even calls it “stupid”. So who is Georgina Verban? Stupid senseless actress right! Beautiful and important.”

Katya Schurman

But particularly remarkable is Georgina’s renewed appearance. Yvonne Koldoyer even decided to dedicate a short quiz to her on her own juice channel. ‘Who is this?’ is the question. “Georgina Verban in disguise as Katja Schurmann”, or “Katja Schurmann in disguise as Georgina Verban”.

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