Also no more temporary contracts for renting rooms

Also no more temporary contracts for renting rooms
The residence of the migrant worker

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If it were up to the House of Representatives, it would be forbidden to rent rooms by temporary contract. The majority supports a proposal on this from D66 and SP. Both sides want more security for room renters and believe this will improve the quality of life in the neighborhoods because fewer people will be moving around.

The intention is for the House of Representatives today to pass a bill initiated by PvdA and ChristenUnie to ban temporary leases almost entirely. This law relates to independent living spaces, but the majority want to extend this to non-independent living spaces, such as student rooms and accommodation for migrant workers and homeowners.

In the current stressed housing market, MPs Faisal Polakjar (D66) and Sandra Beckerman (SP) say landlords are in control. They are now still allowed to enter into leases of less than five years.

“Students now often live in poorly maintained homes,” says Polkjar. “But for fear that their lease will not be renewed, they often dare not complain.”

basic right

If residents have to leave their rooms, it is often difficult to find new and suitable accommodation. The landlord is not obligated to provide alternative accommodation.

At the same time, quality housing is a fundamental right that is also enshrined in international treaties, say Polakkar and Beckerman. It was agreed in the coalition agreement that permanent leases should become the norm again, and so that should also apply to renting out rooms.

The Senate has not yet decided on the bill. It is still not clear if there is also a majority.

Campus contract

If the law is passed, including an extension of the room rent, students who rent a room from a private individual can, in principle, continue to live there, even if they are no longer studying.

The exception is the so-called campus contracts that owners can actually enter into. This states that the tenant must provide evidence annually that he or she is still studying or working on doctoral research.

Specialized student housing providers usually use such a contract on university campuses. Residents must leave no later than six months after they graduate or obtain their Ph.D.

Fewer rooms to rent?

D66 member Polakjar does not rule out the possibility that landlords will stop renting out rooms, as the amendment to the law makes it difficult for them to get rid of the tenant. “But that’s offset by the pressure of the tenants. It’s terrible to be in this state of uncertainty and have to jump from room to room.”

He basically wants to expand the range of student rooms by building up and relaxing the rental rules at other points. For example, banks and mortgage lenders often do not give permission to rent out rooms. For Polakjar, something has to change that.

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