All professions are now facing staff shortages

All professions are now facing staff shortages


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In the second quarter, the labor market shortage increased so dramatically that all occupational groups were understaffed, UWV reports. The staff shortage is having increasingly negative consequences for the economy and more and more people in the Netherlands are forced to deal with it.

The number of job vacancies rose by 44 percent, but the number of people with unemployment benefits who had worked recently fell by 31 percent. So there were more vacancies and fewer people to fill them. Overall, the labor shortage in the second quarter was double what it was in the previous year.

In the first quarter, the UWV already identified all labor market areas as “narrow” or “very narrow.” But travel guides, painters, construction workers, and drivers can still be found at that time. In the second quarter there was also a shortage of employees in these professions. 75 percent of professional groups have to deal with a very tight job market. The shortage was greatest among engineers, electricians, instrument technicians, nurses, and software developers.

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Lack of employment has a negative impact on economic growth. There are no long wait times just in Schiphol or fewer buses and trains running. Facilities such as health care and education are also under pressure. “For a long time, economics determined the labor market. Now that labor market shortages have taken such extreme forms, this relationship appears to have partly reversed,” said Frank Verduin, UWV labor market consultant.

According to Fardwin, employers can also take a closer look at the application processes. “For some jobs it is important to have the right diplomas. However, there are also jobs where skills are more important than diplomas. For example, employers can also assess whether all skills should already be present when applying for a job. Some skills can also be acquired on the job. I learned,” Verduin says.

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