All countries in Europe are completely red, except for two –

All countries in Europe are completely red, except for two -

The corona map of Europe is a big red spot with some orange dots here and there. In only two countries that are still somewhat in control, at least for the time being: Italy and Malta.

This can be seen on the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) Corona Map, which is updated every Thursday. It’s amazing how large parts of southern Europe are now heading for the axe. While France, Spain, and Portugal were still pretty much orange last week, they’re now mainly red. Spain even had green areas two weeks ago.

Italy sees about a quarter of the country going from orange to red. The rest is orange. The Italians adhere to the procedures relatively well, but the vaccination rate is very low. Malta, the only country completely orange, benefits from a population that gives the best out of it and a high vaccination rate (comparable to Portugal). But even there, the number of infections is slowly rising.

Just like Ireland, Iceland, Greece, East Germany, Austria, and Eastern Europe, the Netherlands is a darker red. Limburg is currently the largest Corona fire in Europe. In the past two weeks, there were 2012 cases per 100,000 inhabitants, or one case in every fifty Limburgers.


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