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I’m against Facebook/big tech/whatever

But this “Al-Khwarizmi” grumble is really stupid.
Did you know that the average man (and in many cases women as well) just wants to see more bare skin more often?
I understand that this may be big news for extremists, but that’s what we as human beings are programmed for.

Instagram and other big technologies use algorithms that look at what most people like and then get very human results in your algorithms.

Yes, and you will also find the ugly sides of people in this, such as a preference for race, gender, and big and small noses.

Now we can all pretend everyone is equal in attractiveness, no one finds one race more attractive than another and it all comes down to who we are inside and so on, but at the end of the day we remain human, and so are our algorithms.

Of course that’s not an excuse in itself, there are a lot of people who get depressed about what they see on Instagram as “normal” like having a lot of money and looking like a model. But algorithms written to give people what they want to blame are really shortsighted.

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