Albert Heijn drops two Green Egg BQQ alternatives at a bargain price

Albert Heijn drops two Green Egg BQQ alternatives at a bargain price

After The Action and Lidl, Albert Heijn can’t be missed. Not one, but two cheap alternatives to Green Egg BBQ. Don’t forget the side table either.

First we found an alternative to the Holy Grail of barbecues at Lidl, later in Action. But just like this electric bike, Albert Haegen excels on budget chainrings.

Affordable Green Egg grill alternatives at Albert Heijn

With this type of barbecue (Kamado) you can do a lot more than with regular grilling. Higher temperatures, smoking with special wood, tricks like that. The result is an almost culinary experience of traditional grilling. Green Egg substitutes from Albert Heijn come in two sizes and prices. Also check out the side table. We include them for you

Grill Guru Compact Black

Grill Guru Compact Black stands on a sturdy base with wheels, including brakes. This alternative to the Big Green Egg Mini (which is smaller, by the way) is a full kamado and made of ceramic, ensuring that the grill can handle high temperatures. The diameter of the net is 33 cm. Now for sale at Albert Heijn vs 289 euros.

Albert Higgin, Grill Big Green Egg, Alternative, Gabion Cheap

Grill Guru Kamado Large

Then a complete replacement for Big Green Egg BBQ. The diameter of the grid is 47 cm, so there is plenty of room for a family barbecue. Moreover, this bread monster possessed the same specifications. For sale in Albert Heijn 599 euroswhich means that you get a discount of 200 euros.

Grill Guru Kamado Large, Great Green Egg Grill Alternatives, Cheap, Discount, Grill, 1

Then there is another one Side table Available, and from experience we can say that this is not an unnecessary luxury with a Green Egg or other kamado grill. You can buy this from Albert Heijn 149 euros.

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Albert Heijn drops two Green Egg BQQ alternatives at a bargain price

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