Alan Lancaster, founder of Status Quo . has passed away

Alan Lancaster, founder of Status Quo . has passed away

Alan Lancaster, one of the founders of the rock band Stats Coo, has died in Australia at the age of 72. The guitarist has been suffering from multiple sclerosis for several years.

Lancaster founded The Scorpions in London in 1962 with classmate Francis Rossi, although they could not play an instrument at the time. After guitarist Rick Parfitt joined in in 1967, the band’s name was changed to The Status Quo, and the article ended a few years later.

The group recorded their first hit with Matchstick men pictures, which opened with an attractive guitar slot. Later, the top 2000 evergreens were followed as Whatever you want, roll over employment down down. “Masters of Musical Simplicity,” the band was featured by a Dutch music critic. Hard music on three guitars and a drum.

Pop music

International popularity also led to Lancaster’s departure from the band. On a tour of Australia in 1973 he met his future wife Dale, for whom he would move to the continent on the other side of the world.

Lancaster refused to return to Britain to get a music video for Rock music all over the world, which during the recordings was replaced by a life-size doll in a leather jacket, whose camera was as far away from the image as possible.

Check out what it looks like here:

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