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On the w680 chipset, the current Alder Lake series core processors will also not be locked (xeons were on the C-series, w480, w580..)

So I think with full ECC support and workstation features you only get pluses compared to the Z690 chipset, although I suspect the BIOS-level overclocking features will be less, but that’s up to the manufacturer.

Anyway, whether you’re going to run an Alder Lake Core Series CPU on a w680, Z690, or H670, with 20 PCIe lanes on the CPU, 12/16 chipset lanes, and SATA connections, you get bandwidth over 8 DMI lanes. In total, very few 4th generation PCIe lanes, as well as a GPU, as well as plenty of networking and storage at full speed. Somewhat equivalent to the previous HEDT generation with up to 48 PCI CPUs and a series of lanes across the chipset, with only 4 DMI lanes, all in Gen 3.

In short, the current 12,000 core series should cover a wide variety of HEDT use cases if you ask me. Also due to the bandwidth of DDR5 memory, even in dual lanes.

Do you really want more than that:
The W-3300 series (10nm ice lake) is actually not overclocked, but it’s a top-tier workstation part with multiple PCI lanes, 8 lanes of DDR4 memory bandwidth and plenty of memory support. Kind of like Threadripper Pro. As shown, it is really not as priceless as many believe. Especially when you realize that some consumer motherboards (z690) go for a lot more money than 3300 series c621a motherboards.

This is also more interesting in my opinion than some kind of intermediate cut, that the meat is still thicker.

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