After talking to farmers, Remix will soon talk to environmental clubs

After talking to farmers, Remix will soon talk to environmental clubs

Greenpeace is one of the organizations that will be speaking to Remix. But the environmental organization refuses to negotiate the goal of halving nitrogen emissions by 2030. “If this is tampered with, for example by postponing it to 2035 or by lowering the target to 40 percent, the conversation will be over immediately and we will go to court. 2030 is sacred, and the natural species in the Netherlands are already on the verge of falling.” Director Andy Balmain says:

“Get angry”

Greenpeace emphasizes that it has an understanding of farmers. Balmain: “I understand the grief. An individual farmer who runs a business on his single farm, what can you blame him for?”

“I totally understand you take an angry tractor and go to The Hague. The farmers are right. But we’ve been talking about nitrogen since the 80s. The government, the banks, the LTO Nederland, the supermarkets, Europe, everyone knew we had a problem and they always put it off.”

In addition, other pollutants must also be addressed, Balmain says. “When will Schiphol participate? When should Tata Steel deliver? I understand farmers are saying: Why us and not them? It’s not fair.”

“Nature is not an interest, it is a condition”

LandscapesNL, with which Landscape Managers are affiliated, is also involved in consultations with Remkes. “Anarchy should never be a reason to weaken government policy,” says director Hank Bartlink. “Nature is not an interest, but a condition. Working with agriculture is the only way to produce sustainable food and a healthy landscape.”

Natuur en Milieu is also invited, but the association cannot attend the meeting due to holidays. So another organization also speaks for Natuur en Milieu. The association wants to halve nitrogen emissions by 2030. The organization cannot delay this goal until 2035, as farmers want. “Work is needed now,” a spokeswoman said.

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Other conversations

Remkes will speak with individual farmers next Wednesday. The next day he consults with banks and so-called chain organizations. One of these is the Central Food Trade Agency, which is a comprehensive organization of supermarkets. FrieslandCampina, one of the world’s largest dairy cooperatives, declined Remkes’ invitation. The company reports: “We have informed Mr. Remkes that we will not accept this invitation and that these discussions will be left primarily to the call in agriculture.”

On Monday, August 22, Remix will speak with representatives of the provinces and municipalities. Later that week, he will likely hold a second meeting with agricultural organizations, including LTO Nederland, but a date for that meeting has not yet been set.

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