After Italy, China and the Americans, de Tomaso is now in Germany

After Italy, China and the Americans, de Tomaso is now in Germany

The famous de Tomaso once began in Italy, but is now substantial Chinese and American Implications. This year, the brand will also work with a German national.

The manufacturer, now part and property of a large Chinese party, is about to open a factory near Nürburgring. A production facility is currently under construction near the famous German Asphalt, where the P72 is yet to go into production this year. For production convenience, it works with Capricorn Group, a well-known expert in the automotive world.

Manufactured in the United States

Those German projects are coming out a little bit out of the blue. At the end of 2020, de Tomaso announced that it plans to open a development and manufacturing facility in the United States. However, the corona epidemic made those plans difficult, the manufacturer says in its press release. Despite the agreement with Capricorn and the new facility, De Tomaso says it will continue to maintain partners in the United States “to expand our presence in North America.”

The new De Tomaso and Capricorn plant will be operational from the summer of 2022. There it begins with the construction of 72 copies of the P72, all of which have already been sold. Many of these were sold by Lowman exclusive importers in Europe, and also to Dutch buyers. The manufacturer does not want to build more cars than planned, so anyone who is still greedy on the P72 is out of luck.

New carbon fiber chassis

Both sides recently announced that Capricorns are responsible for developing and fine-tuning the new chassis and wheel suspension. It is noteworthy that de Tomaso has already used a carbon fiber chassis for its P72 prototypes. Now, therefore too late in the development process, the manufacturer chooses a different basis. This is because it was found that during the development of the car, a lot of improvement was needed, including the interior space. The beautifully designed hypercar without changing the proportions of the car now has a 10cm legroom and a 5cm headroom.

Engine-wise nothing has changed in the P72 because the D Tomaso still uses the 700 hp powerful Ford V8, which was replaced by the Russ. Historically justified, because Pantera, the most famous car of the Italian brand, had Ford’s V8.

Product de Tomaso P72

So de Tomaso will start production of the P72 this year. The first copies of the hypercar will be on the doorstep of their owners in the first half of 2023.

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