After 15 rounds of voting, McCarthy has already lost control of the House of Representatives Abroad

After 15 rounds of voting, McCarthy has already lost control of the House of Representatives  Abroad

McCarthy made significant concessions to become chairman of the board

The Speaker of the House is second in line to become Speaker, after the Vice President. The Speaker of the House of Representatives decides on the House’s agenda and oversees other matters relating to the approval or rejection of new laws. McCarthy had to give up much of his power as the new president this past week. He had to make certain promises and concessions to include the group of ultra-conservative Republicans.

One of the group’s demands was that only one parliamentarian was needed for a formal vote on the position of president. In the past, this required at least five parliamentarians. This “move to leave” will hang over McCarthy’s head like a sword of Damocles. This means that it can be voted on at any time.

Another concession McCarthy made concerned the House voting process. It used to be more transparent than it is today. The Conservatives want to make fewer decisions behind closed doors. Thus, individual MPs will have more say in what passes through the House of Representatives, but the voting process will also become a lot slower.

McCarthy also promised ultra-conservative Republicans seats on key committees. This gives them more power. More attention will also be paid to topics they consider important, such as border and immigration policies.

His willingness to compromise won McCarthy the presidency. But there is also a lot of criticism. According to various media outlets, the fact that McCarthy gave up so much for a radical group within his own party shows that his position has already weakened. McCarthy will likely have a hard time keeping order in the House of Representatives, so there is a possibility that the next two years could look like last week.

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