Afghan translator accused of killing wife may be extradited to US

Afghan translator accused of killing wife may be extradited to US

An Afghan translator reportedly put his wife’s body in a freezer.Figure fiek Ruidinga

Afghan Wahid Kashifi is suspected in the US of killing his wife in 2019. He allegedly put the body in a freezer. After the murder, Kashifi made a video confession on his phone, which was later recovered by the police.

However, by that time, he had already fled to his homeland. There he was arrested and imprisoned for two years in a harsh prison. He was released when the Taliban came to power.

He later fled to Iran where he married a Dutch woman. He received a Dutch residence permit on August 23 last year. He lived in the Amsterdam district of Wenzerboldt for two months, working at Picnic and spending his free time playing soccer and volleyball.

Halloween Volleyball Tournament

However, American authorities found him. On October 29 last year, at the request of the United States, he was arrested by Amsterdam police during a Halloween volleyball match at Sportall de Bijby. He has been on the deportation list ever since.

While dealing with his extradition case, Khasfi’s Dutch lawyer, Reuben den Riet, doubted that his client would still receive a fair trial in the United States. If convicted, Kashifi faces 20 to 26 years in prison.

Kashifi, through his lawyer, has announced that he is considering a cassation appeal.

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