AEX takes the final record above 770 points; shell slips | Financial

AEX takes the final record above 770 points;  shell slips |  Financial

The AEX closed 0.5% higher at 771.80 points, narrowing from the previous high of last week. The AMX rose 0.1% at 1074.58 points.

The most interesting figure this week is the US inflation figure for July on Wednesday, says IG broker Robbert Manders. This time, the forecast for core inflation was at +0.4% lower than last month. While Friday’s labor market numbers pointed to robust wage growth, it illustrates the dilemma facing central banks. “The Federal Reserve cannot continue to do anything if inflation gets out of control and unemployment is rapidly dropping around 4%.”

Stock exchange trading in the US is further influenced by negotiations over a major infrastructure deal in US politics, according to brokers. President Biden is seeking support for a trillion-dollar package of measures.

“The exchanges are doing well on all fronts,” says Han Diebrink, a macroeconomist at Oreos Asset Management. see the so-called moderateScenario for investors: Low interest rates, strong economic growth with corporate earnings that were on average nearly 100% better in the past quarter.

Friday’s US jobs report exceeded all expectations. The Federal Reserve can help with this increase in jobs and working hours taper, the phasing out of aid. I’ve done this before during the previous crisis. But this is a different Fed, under different economic conditions,” says Deberink. “They only stop subsidies when everyone finds work, and they consciously go behind the economic movement. Inflation may continue to rise.”

Stock markets are relatively calm. “These are not the best weeks in August. Business numbers are dwindling, and there are less financial incentives for investors,” the economist said.

He adds that the Federal Reserve’s August 26-28 meeting in Jackson Hole, Idaho, will be of particular interest to investors because of the potential new direction of central banks in the largest economy. “In those previous weeks, there is a chance of a correction here and there, not a fundamental correction, but prices can sometimes surprise in the case of disappointing numbers.”

Oil price goes down

Brent oil is down more than 2% after a bigger loss earlier in the day in response to the release of the IPCC Climate Report. The United Nations calls for a report death blow for fossil fuels.

The price of gold fell more than 1% to $1,744 as the Federal Reserve indicated it would reduce its support, and the Bank of England took the step. At night follows a flash crashAs Saxo Bank’s head of commodities, Ole Hansen, said, it fell 4% in prices and 7% in silver. There is a high degree of uncertainty with low volatility.

Prominent Prosus

In the main funds go technology investment fund Prosus . company He led the way with a gain of 3.7%. Chipfods are also on top. Semiconductors ASMI Increases 1.7%, chip supplier iron plus 0.6%, ASML Strengthens 0.8%.

Insurance companies that open their books later this week are also trading higher. ASR and Aegon win by up to 1.4%.

chemical company DSM It rises 0.7%. The Heerlen Group waives subsidies in exchange for its move to a new head office in Maastricht. It stated that it would buy back 250,000 of its shares for 43 million euros. In doing so, it is fully hedging its 2021 dividend.

Walters Kluwer It thickens 0.5%. Berenberg raised the price target for the data processor from €71 to €92 with unchanged advice to maintain inventory.

At the bottom there is a chemical resource IMCD 2% in red. Berenberg has canceled his buy recommendation, and the target price is raised to €145. Unibail closes the row with a 3.6% weakness.

seashells It decreases due to falling oil prices and leaves 0.8%. Berenberg raised the target rate to €14 for the bank with a repeat buy recommendation.

hit the galapagos

In mid-sized funds, biotechnology fund Galapagos Another 1.4%. Deutsche Bank cut its rating from buy to hold and halved its target price to $50.

PostNL He experiences a 3% loss. The Postal and Parcel Corporation reported higher numbers in three months and delivered a record 108 million parcels in the first quarter of this year, down from the previous quarter. The operating result is slightly behind analysts’ expectations. PostNL will invest an additional 450 million euros in the coming years. And that investment is 16% more than consensus expectations, according to Jefferies.

At the top of Midkap vagabond With a price gain of 2.9%.

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