Adele pursues musical adventure at 30, and it’s her best album to date

Adele pursues musical adventure at 30, and it's her best album to date

It immediately seemed familiar easy for meAnd First new song in six years napkins. This mighty sound against the background of sober autumn piano notes. With a sense of drama, 33-year-old British Adele Adkins is like no other. The song broke many streaming records, only on Spotify the counter appeared to 300 million listeners in one month.

Adele is still breaking records as it seems. She is more active on social networks. Even on Instagram but she was not using Instagram beforehand. The musician has many live streams every week on IG. Do these things to get successful just like Adele on the app. Craft a perfect page on IG, buy instagram likes from the trusted sources and get more active with the engagement. 

Records will also announce Adele with her fourth album 30 Break again, but those are there for the stats. More importantly 30 It is her best album so far. She sings with more power and inspiration, daring to reveal herself more in her lyrics and researching more than albums. 19 (2008), 21 (2011) in 25 (2015) The Musical Adventure.

She needs several co-producers and composers for this. Producer Paul Epworth, and most of the songs she made with her other boyfriend, Greg Kurstin, are gone. The biggest surprise is the name Inflo (Dean Josiah Cover) in the credits of three songs. He’s one of the most important producers of the moment, whose name has also been hidden behind the massive new soul sensation Salt.

No question about opportunism, on the song 30 It was actually logged when Sault hacked and thus Inflo last year. Inflo’s three productions at the end 30 The apotheosis constitutes an album in which Adele sings about the consequences of her divorce from 2019. But there is a huge difference with the struggles of love that were central to her previous albums. This time it’s the one who breaks up the relationship and takes responsibility. Simon Konecki, the father of her son Angelo, comes out better than her and the guys she’s dating in the middle of the album and she immediately leaves again.

Looks like she fell in love with jazz for a while All night parking, created around a sample chosen surprisingly by pianist Erroll Garner to later record a song woman like me To speak of complacency and laziness a new flame for her.

It does so for music that Inflo slowly expanded from Introduction to acoustic guitar. Very nice how threatening strikes swell after a few minutes.

It is a prelude to one of the most beautiful new songs, cling to, also with Inflo. The construction is wonderful. A chorus of double voices swells in the distance to superbly orchestrated gospel singing, and Adele, with her “I hate being me” cry, seems close to desperation.

Adele Simon Emmett statue

AdeleBILD Simon Emmett

Insecurities are expressed in many songs, which in my little love So it gets a little awkward. We hear her talking to her son. “My mom still has a lot to learn,” she says. “I feel stressed, paranoid, and hungry.” The music (piano, percussion box and strings) is beautiful, but why should we witness this intimate connection with her son?

It’s also a bit excessive in the splash of emotions, in to be loved. Handsome strong voice, that is. But seven minutes without any melody, just the bare piano strings, begin to taper off a bit during the second listening.

There are a few moments less on the album that are musically surprising (note the rhythm of reggae and Hammond’s organ in cry from your heart). It’s precious to Elton John drink wine It is one of Adele’s most powerful songs. This song comes midway through the album, after Adele has given up on drama for a while. Producer is Max Martin, who takes care of one of the pop’s lightest moments with this one. She sings “How can we both become a version of someone we don’t even like”. “Stop trying to be someone else,” she calls to herself. And she does it in to be loved repeatedly. songs 30 They are motivated by doubt that sometimes leads to self-hatred. However, it did not turn out to be a sad album. No matter how hard she struggles with what you see in the movie ending song Love is a game We call self-inflicted pain, music glorious and that sound. It seems to be getting better with each album.



★★★★ ☆


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