Actress Liz Sheridan (ALF, Seinfeld) passed away

Actress Liz Sheridan (ALF, Seinfeld) passed away

American actress Liz Sheridan has died at the age of 93. She died of natural causes in her sleep, five days after her birthday, a liaison from her closest relative announced.

Sheridan has had a long track record on Broadway and television, but is best known for sitcoms Seinfeld, where she plays the rising mother of the main character. Sheridan was the only actor in all nine seasons of the series in addition to the four main characters of the series.

A decade ago, Sheridan played Raquel Ochmonk in the series ALFAbout an alien creature who comes to live with an American family. A recurring joke in that series was the need to keep the nosy alien a secret from this nosy neighbor.

James Dean

Sheridan began her career in New York as a nightclub dancer. In her autobiography dizzy and jimmy She told how she got into a relationship with James Dean during that time, even before he exploded as a teen Rebellion without reason

Although they actually lived together, the relationship fell apart because Dean had to go to California to make a career in movies. “We broke up because he was asked to come to Hollywood and I didn’t want to come.”

After that, Sheridan appeared in some Broadway shows such as Happy ending With Meryl Streep. In the eighties I switched to television. That’s how I played kojakFirst team And Melrose Placein addition to roles in films such as Legal Eagleswho is this girl And Forget Paris

Jerry Seinfeld took to Twitter to express his condolences on Sheridan’s death:

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