June 9, 2023

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Actor Thor Ray Stevenson dies at the age of 58 |  Movies and TV shows

Actor Thor Ray Stevenson dies at the age of 58 | Movies and TV shows

Actor Ray Stevenson has passed away at the age of 58 reports Hollywood Reporter Monday. Briton, best known for his roles in, among others bull and the series Rome , It became according to the Italian Republica last Saturday ill and died in hospital.

Stevenson was on the island of Ischia shooting a new thriller. It is not known what he succumbed to.

The Northern Irish actor, with his large build, has been known for his tough roles. For example, he was on the HBO series between 2005 and 2007 Rome Like Titus Polo, a Roman soldier. He later played major roles in films such as Punisher: Warzone, The three musketeers and the forkedseries.

in bull Stephenson can be seen as Volstagg, who is a good and wonderful friend of the main character. He later played this role twice.

Last year, Stevenson was seen as a ruthless cop in the thriller memory, in which Liam Neeson starred. In addition, he starred in the Netflix movie $$$$. The movie’s title song won an Academy Award earlier this year.

Stevenson was cast as the villain for the new villain star Wars-series Ahsoka. Recordings for that series were completed in October. Stevenson is supposed to be there Ahsoka Last seen.

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