Actor Arthur Bonney dies at the age of 88 | Movies and TV shows

Actor Arthur Bonney dies at the age of 88 |  Movies and TV shows

Actor Arthur Bonney, known for his contributions to many television series, has passed away at the age of 88. His family reported this in a letter on Monday Parole. He played Fleming in the series, among others West Medical CenterAnd Good times bad times And Policemen Maastricht.

Bonnie died the day before Christmas in Amsterdam, but it was only now that his death was reported. Since the early 1960s, he has appeared on Dutch television, for example, in the then very popular children’s series The Adventures of Okkie Troyin which he played the Marquess of Karakolikas.

In the 1970s, Bonnie contributed to, among other things, the highly watched series at the time. Waldrecht And clover meadow;. Roles in products such as West Medical CenterAnd extensionAnd Good times bad timesAnd Smell of Rose and Vodka LimeAnd goofy womenAnd Policemen Maastricht And Juliana, Princess of Orange.

Boni has also acted in films and worked for several theater companies, including Het Zuidelijk Toneel, De Nederlandse Comedie and Noord Nederlands Toneel. He has had roles in plays ranging from Shakespeare to Heijermans.

Bonnie has also voiced in cartoons, such as V.I Alfred Jodokus Kwak (1989-1991).

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