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Activision said it has sold a total of 425 million copies since the Call of Duty series began in 2003. Total revenue is more than $30 billion. The company also announced that the free game Warzone has “more than 125 million” players.

Call of Duty games have been designed by several Activision studios and more than 3,000 people are now working on the series. The company calls the numbers In an interview with the Washington Post,† Activision also confirms 650 million Call of Duty: Mobile players. The publisher mentioned this figure earlier.

With 425 million copies sold, Call of Duty is likely to be the third The biggest game franchise in the world† Mario and Tetris are in the top two, with 760 million and 495 million copies. Call of Duty has had to tolerate Pokémon for a long time, but that franchise will now be eclipsed.

With the arrival of the free mobile game and Warzone that came out in 2020, Activision’s strategy around Call of Duty games has changed a lot. In the years prior to this, it consisted of the annual release of a new part, which various studios worked on. This trend may be broken next year. According to rumors Activision won’t release a new Call of Duty title in 2023 for the first time. The game planned for that year could have been pushed forward by one year.

With the advent of free games, this trend break probably doesn’t mean Activision’s revenue will drop. It is not known exactly what the publisher has earned with Warzone and Call of Duty: Mobile, but The sales of these games reach billions every year† In the past fiscal year, Activision-Blizzard generated approximately 74 percent of total revenue from “recurring expenses,” such as microtransactions in free games.

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In the interview, Activision also says that all Call of Duty games will now be developed based on Infinity Ward’s IW engine. The Black Ops games in the series have so far been developed in their own engine.

Details come about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II Show† The game will be released on October 28 for consoles and PC. The game returns to Steam for the first time in years. Warzone 2.0 should also be released later this year, again and it’s a free game.

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