Acquiring Activision Blizzard is good news for gamers according to Microsoft | Technique

Acquiring Activision Blizzard is good news for gamers according to Microsoft |  Technique
Microsoft was in the process of being acquired Call of dutyCreator Activision Blizzard. The organizers have serious doubts about this. In a new defense, Microsoft states that the acquisition is “good for all gamers,” reports the news outlet Reuters Friday.

“The acquisition of a game studio by a third-ranked PC manufacturer cannot distort competition in the gaming industry,” Microsoft said in response to the FTC’s US competition watchdog.

The regulator is studying whether Microsoft will become too strong in the gaming industry after the acquisition. The agency shared its concerns with the software giant earlier this month.

Microsoft has already made several commitments in hopes of getting the green light. For example, the company wants to prepare Call of duty It would be released on Sony’s PlayStation for at least another ten years.

Many competitors, including Sony, do not like the acquisition of Activision Blizzard. They are afraid that after the acquisition, Microsoft will release well-known Activision Blizzard games, such as Call of dutyAnd the World of Warcraft And the Diabloare no longer versions for Sony’s PlayStation, for example.

Players are also worried about the takeover. A group of American gamers are even trying it on the courts to stop. Gamers say the acquisition gives Microsoft “huge power in the gaming business”. This may also hinder Microsoft’s competitors.

Microsoft still expects to receive approval for the acquisition. The group is willing to come up with innovative solutions with the regulators. Activision Blizzard is also convinced that an acquisition can happen.

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