!@#$% about poor Xbox sales numbers and the PlayStation lawsuit

!@#$% about poor Xbox sales numbers and the PlayStation lawsuit

On a Tuesday morning that’s wonderfully familiar to casual viewers, it shines on an equally familiar website: a brand new version of Peepshow. The section where Boris and JJ discuss the business side of gaming in a firm but well-argued way. In this edition the two discuss four topics. Xbox/Series X/S sales are not doing well. What is the reason for this and will it improve in the future? Additionally, is the soup eaten hot as well as served? We also look at PlayStation’s process, Ubisoft’s “failure” and the power of Fortnite. All of these issues will be addressed in the Tuesday, November 28 edition of Peepshow.

Xbox Series

Xbox’s message now is “Play Anywhere.” And players take that quite literally. Xbox Series X/S sales have collapsed in Europe. Why is this happening, and can Xbox do something to help boost sales again? Additionally, is the message completely correct? The two gentlemen delved into the matter and gave their answer in this video. Then PlayStation. They have a lawsuit on their hands from a business malpractice fighter. If Sony loses, it can potentially expect a damages claim in excess of €6 billion. what is going on? What implications could this process have for the rest of the industry?

How do the three ensure they are still successful in 5 years?

Ubisoft made a huge mistake last week. At least that’s what they say themselves. But is this also true? Was it really a mistake or did they want to easily correct an experience that didn’t go well? The two also look at numbers fortnite. This franchise is still going strong. The comparison with the Call of Duty series shows this again. You can see and hear all these topics in this video.

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