A US judge has been granted permission to continue examining the Trump documents

A US judge has been granted permission to continue examining the Trump documents

The investigation into more than 11,000 government documents discovered by the FBI at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in early August was halted at the request of the former president’s lawyers. The judge previously ruled that the trial should be adjourned until an independent arbitrator (special master) is given an opportunity to assess the items found during the search.

Last week, that arbitrator, former Judge Raymond Deary, was appointed after being nominated by Trump’s team of lawyers. For example, because of executive privilege (executive privilege), he is given the power to withhold discovery documents from the government. However, the Central High Court on Wednesday ruled that the judicial inquiry can continue in the meantime.

The Trump criminal investigation includes whether classified documents were withheld and an attempt was made to subvert a federal investigation. Both offenses are punishable. According to Trump, he confirmed that the documents were no longer classified during his presidency, but no evidence was found, according to the court.

The reopening of the investigation has put a damper on Trump, who is currently holding rallies in Republican states and is interested in a second term in the White House, although he is not yet officially running for office. In New York, Trump and his family, who run the Trump Organization, have also been charged with massive fraud. Criminal charges could derail his presidential aspirations.

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