A unique third term for Xi, but above all surprised his party cadres

A unique third term for Xi, but above all surprised his party cadres


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“I was re-elected to the post of general secretary of the Communist Party,” Xi said of his unsurprising third term as party chief. There were surprises in the team that Shi managed to gather around him. The seven-member Politburo is still filled with Xi loyalists.

Li Qiang, now the Party Secretary of Shanghai, was the second man to enter the Golden Hall, the stage at which the new Standing Committee was introduced. He previously worked in Zhejiang Province under Xi, who was party leader from 2002 to 2007.

This spring, Lee’s chances looked missed after a disastrous shutdown in Shanghai, but Xi doesn’t seem to care. The second-in-command of the Communist Party usually receives the title of prime minister during the People’s Congress next spring.

Cai Zhi, the current party chief in Beijing, is likely to take over the post from the Central Secretariat. He is also seen as one of Xi’s confidants. Like Li, he worked under Xi in Zhejiang, including as party chief in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang, after which Xi was able to quickly climb the Communist Party ladder thanks to Xi.

Presentation of the new rulers in China:

Xi Jinping introduces the Standing Committee members

Li Xi, now the party chief of economically important Guangdong Province, is expected to lead the Communist Party’s anti-corruption watchdog, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection (CCDI). Li, an old friend of Xi and his family, is known for his unwavering support for Xi’s anti-corruption campaign.

The same goes for Ding Xuexiang. He worked under Xi when he was briefly the party chief in Shanghai. After Xi was promoted to party leader in 2012, he brought Deng to Beijing, where he is considered one of Xi’s most important aides. In recent years, there have been quite a few inspections in the country where Deng did not appear alongside Xi.

new era

The men were identified behind closed doors this morning during the first plenum, the first meeting of the new Central Committee after the Party Congress, which concluded yesterday. “The revolutionary adversities of the last century, and the first decade of the new era in particular, have made our Party stronger and more dynamic,” Xi said in his first speech as the new party chief.

The new era refers to his tenure, which will not end at the present time. Among the current Standing Committee members, no one has the age or experience to take over from Xi within five years, an unwritten rule he broke five years ago. The road to a third term as president is open, after presidential term restrictions were lifted in 2018.

Who is Xi, how did he become so powerful and what does he want with China? You can see it in this video:

He already has absolute strength, and now Xi Jinping wants to become an immortal

In addition to the new names, two of Shi’s old confidants have also returned. These are Zhao Leji and Wang Huning, who have served on the Standing Committee alongside Xi in recent years. Zhao has led the CCDI in recent years and is now likely to become the speaker of the People’s Assembly, China’s de facto parliament. Now the ideology chief, Wang is likely to become the chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference and the United Front, an important advisory body in the Chinese political system along with the People’s Congress.

Shi did his job with dynamism. Old factions, such as the Young Communist League, which also includes Xi’s predecessor Hu Jintao, were played out. Yesterday it became clear that the current Prime Minister Li Keqiang and Vice Premier Wang Yang have retired. It turned out today that Hu Chun Hwa, now deputy prime minister and prime ministerial candidate, no longer has a role.

Yesterday, on the day of the congress closing, the focus was mainly on party leader and former president Hu Jintao. Rare footage showed the former party leader and president, Xi’s predecessor, being taken from the Great Hall of the People for mysterious reasons.

The 79-year-old Hu Jintao eventually did, but he definitely didn’t want to cooperate at first. Before leaving, she patted the outgoing Prime Minister Li Keqiang on the back.

Hardly anything had commented on the incident:

Former President Hu Jintao was kidnapped during the People’s Congress

Xinhua News Agency reported last night that Hu was ill. Sun Liu Jiaowen wrote Twitter That he was still recovering from unclear health issues before Congress closed, but he wanted to be there anyway. “When he was not feeling well during the session, his staff escorted him to a room next to the meeting place so that his health could rest. Now he feels much better,” said Liu.

Xinhua’s tweet raises more questions than it answers. It is unclear who exactly Liu Jiawen is. There is a director and a member of Xinhua’s party cell with the same name, but he didn’t know what information he might have.

In political events like the party convention, nothing is left to chance. There was still speculation, but if he really had serious health issues, or if he was confused, they probably wouldn’t have admitted him to the Great Hall of the People before, as was the case with former leader Jiang Zemin.

Inside China, nothing was said about the incident with Hu Jintao. The state media is silent and the subject is censored on the Chinese Internet. The tweet is aimed at audiences outside of China, but it’s not convincing. It does not provide insight into the situation around him.

China and the world

Xi also sent a message to the international community in his speech. “Just as China cannot develop if it is isolated from the world, the world needs China for its development,” referring to the growing confrontation with the West on the world stage.

“China will open the door even more,” he said in the room, which was welcomed this morning by only a select number of reporters.

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