January 31, 2023

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A strange turn during the conversation of the privilege of buying without looking

A strange turn during the conversation of the privilege of buying without looking

When Lottie (25) and Rob (28) met in Iceland, the spark immediately set off. Once in the Netherlands, Rob moved to live with Lott and her roommates in Den Bosch. If it were up to Lotte, they would still live in the city, but Rob would rather go for something greener in a nearby village. The “Buy Without Looking” team faces a difficult task, will it be a house in the city or in a village?

“There’s a good chance I’ll have to stop looking tomorrow.”

Lotte and Rob have been looking for a home for about a year and can’t find it together. The housing requirements are clear: they are looking for a single-family home of at least 100 square meters with three bedrooms, a bathroom and a wood-burning stove. And all this on a budget of 390 thousand euros. The only thing they didn’t agree on was the location. When real estate agent Alex asks them what’s more important, center or nature, Lotte resolutely calls out the center and Rob shoots nature.

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Alex initially decided to keep options open and research both Den Bosch and beyond. The couple gives another gift, the long-awaited “hour of privilege”. If that countdown is at zero and a home hasn’t been found yet, they know they have to make a concession.

For example, consider one less bedroom or more search space. The day before the clock hits zero, Rob has to conclude that things aren’t looking good. Martin has not yet visited news of buying a home. “I’m going home now and it’s one day and one o’clock. Well then things are going fast. The inevitable conversation is coming.”

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And he’s right, because the next day Alex’s realtor is at the door. While Lotte and Rob anxiously wait for what he has to say, he immediately falls in love with the door. “It doesn’t work. Chances are I’ll stop looking tomorrow.”

His message hits the couple hard. Is this because of the budget? Lotte asks him. “No, that’s because we’ve already bought a house,” he shares happily. When I take out a key, Lotte and Rob still can’t believe it. “How is this possible?!” Whoops Lotte.

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When the couple sees their yet-to-be-renovated home outside Den Bosch, they are very excited. They have, except for one minus, the kitchen, little to say about the house. They even decided to give Bob an extra budget of 10,000 euros.

Designer Ross’ picks have proven successful, too. Once they reach their renovated dream home, they are over the moon. “I think she’s so beautiful!” Lotte replies. Rob is also very pleased with the house. The use of color is especially fun. “That’s cool, pink sofa!”

This season of buy without looking is over. In Videoland, you can watch all the episodes quietly again.