A shock to his daughter: DJ Paul Elstak’s police raid!

A shock to his daughter: DJ Paul Elstak's police raid!

With ex-lover Diana, he had two daughters, Melanie (32) and Savannah (26). When Diana was pregnant with the youngest of them, Paul had an affair with his sexy dancer, Shaidi! After trying to bond, Paul and Diana eventually separated permanently. scratch in his soul. Paul finds it worse that he has neglected his daughters for so long. In Elstak: “Then I went out again and sometimes I stayed away for a few days. I had a girlfriend and she stayed there. Then my children, who were about 15 and 20 years old, would ask: Will you come home again? That was really bad.

law enforcement!

Later, Paul had no contact with his daughters for a year and a half. This is getting better now and they have contributed to the book. For example, Melanie describes being traumatized by the police raid on her father’s house. Paul: ‘My eldest daughter was having an affair with a friend who was up to something and that’s why he was lifted out of his bed, but he slept with me. So the police kicked my door at night. I had just got home from going out so I was half drunk and at 4am they were there all of a sudden. I slept in the attic and here they came too. I think: what do I hear? Because they shouted: Police! law enforcement! law enforcement! I saw all kinds of flashlights shining upwards. shit. I did not do anything. just stay. They came to check, then left again.

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