A rare total lunar eclipse is barely visible Monday morning | right Now

A rare total lunar eclipse is barely visible Monday morning |  right Now

A rare total lunar eclipse on Monday morning will not be visible in the Netherlands. In principle, the so-called blood moon can be seen around the world between 4.28 am and 7.56 am (Netherlands time).

Between 5:29 AM and 6:55 AM, the Moon is completely in the Earth’s shadow Weather Plaza† This total lunar eclipse can only be seen for a very short time in the Netherlands, because the sun rises at about 5.45 am and the moon sets two minutes later. In addition, a lot of clouds are expected, reports indicate Weather Online

The blood moon is a total lunar eclipse. The Moon is then completely in the Earth’s shadow and this gives a red glow. The best chance to see something of the red moon on Monday is between 5.29 and 5.47 pm. It is very easy to follow the period leading up to a total lunar eclipse in our country. From 3.30 in the morning, the moon moves into the so-called semi-shadow, and after an hour the moon comes completely into the primary shadow of the Earth. During this period, the moon gradually becomes redder.

Partial lunar eclipses are more common, but total eclipses are not. The next total eclipse that will be clearly visible in the Netherlands will not be until December 20, 2029. The next partial eclipse according to Weather Plaza On October 28, 2023. Two years later, on September 7, 2025, there will be another total lunar eclipse, part of which can be seen in the Netherlands. The moon will appear obscured above the horizon.

With a lot of luck, you’ll see something of a total lunar eclipse in the Netherlands on Monday morning. To get a really great view, you have to be in the eastern half of the US, Canada, and South America. The blood moon can also be seen better in Portugal and West Africa, for example, than in our country.

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