A rare black stork escapes from its cage during Eunice’s storm and is eaten by a lion | Abroad

A rare black stork escapes from its cage during Eunice's storm and is eaten by a lion |  Abroad

Storm Eunice also affected the Berry Daisa Zoo in Hainaut, Belgium. A strong wind struck a tree on a cage, allowing the rare black stork to escape. The animal ended up in the Lions District a little further, where it unfortunately ended up. The park confirms this to the Flemish daily latest news.

“Like the rest of the country, we did not survive,” said spokesman Sven Watty. “Friday evening, a tree fell on the cage of a black stork. The bird stayed there alone. It managed to escape and landed on Saturday in the area where our lions live. The hunting instincts of these predators showed up and they killed and ate the stork.”

Photos of the stork being caught and devoured were posted on Facebook.


There was other physical damage to the park, but it was limited. “There were no other ‘victims’,” Watty said. “We had the most problems on Friday evening. We will be monitoring the situation closely throughout the weekend. The park was never closed and will remain open now.”

The black stork is an endangered species. It suffers mainly from the cutting of forests and the drying up of the swampy areas in which it lives. The animals breed in southeastern Siberia, northeastern China, and winter in southeastern and eastern China. Some storks also winter in Japan, Korea and Taiwan. They mainly eat fish, but they also eat insects, amphibians, snakes, small mammals, and small birds.

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