A new love for the singer? Gordon “flirts” with Yolanthe’s birthday brother

A new love for the singer?  Gordon "flirts" with Yolanthe's birthday brother

Yu’s brother is a handsome look, and Gordon seems to think so too. In the comments below the photo “He’s making his move.”

Yolanthi brother’s birthday

Congratulations to the man who makes me laugh till I cry. I like to tease him, talk to him, joke with him, but most of all spend some time with him’, Yolanthe starts her work under some great shots of the two. ‘He is my heart, my brother!! Xavier, I love you so much!!

our end

In the comments under Yolanth’s letter, the actress and presenter receives many congratulations to Xavier. There is also a response from Gordon. He wants to know if Xavier is still on the market. “Is he single?” he asks, laughing. Other people who have seen Yolanth’s post are also wondering: “I think we’re all wondering about this,” one wrote in response to Gordon.

The article continues after the announcement

new love

Will Gordon finally meet the love of his life in Yolanth’s brother? Or is someone else in the comments the lucky one. Anyway, we’re pretty curious about how this “love story” between Xavier and Gordon ended…

Source: Instagram | Photo: BRONOPRES

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