February 9, 2023

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A man disappears in a hole under a swimming pool and dies |  Abroad

A man disappears in a hole under a swimming pool and dies | Abroad

There was a company party with about 50 people in the pool of Villa. Six people were in the water when the bottom of the pond collapsed. The two of them were sucked into the vortex. A 34-year-old man managed to free himself from the hole and had some superficial injuries. Another man was less fortunate. After a long search, he was found four hours later in a tunnel that formed under the pond about 15 meters from the crater site. Rescuers, afraid of new avalanches, had to first support the resulting tunnels.

According to The Times of Israel, a witness said: β€œThe water level fell very quickly and suddenly a hole appeared. It created a whirlpool that swallowed two people.” Another witness: “The Earth just disappeared. I saw two people just disappear.”

The owner of the pool, who often organizes such parties, is questioned by the authorities. There is doubt as to whether there is a permit for the swimming pool and whether the soil structure allows the construction of such a pool. This could lead to him being charged with premeditated murder.

According to Professor Shmuel Marco, it is unlikely that the soil structure alone was the cause of the accident. Water intrusion may be the cause of erosion. “There are no known natural streams in that area,” he said.

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