A little more time and Alexia will have to grab her hat and sunglasses again.

A little more time and Alexia will have to grab her hat and sunglasses again.

Princess Alexia is in her second and final year at Atlantic College in Wales. We know very little about her time there (so far) and that is exactly the intention. Before the princess travels to Wales, we regularly see photos and videos of her. Together with friends, she appears in TikTok videos, where they dance and mimic. Also, she has an Instagram account where she posts fashion pictures and blows up texts on her I don’t do fashion. I am Fashion – Coco Chanel.

These – quite ordinary – transgressions of a young princess have been widely shared online in recent years and widely reported in the press. No one ever seems to be able to get enough of it. But this causes unrest behind the palace walls. Willem-Alexander knows better than anyone that these types of photos and videos will haunt you for the rest of your life. This is not what he wants for his daughter. Soon videos are removed, Instagram pages are taken offline and friends are confronted for their behaviour. Because they also have to consider the consequences of these types of (innocent) videos.

“They are also learning moments,” says Máxima aptly, “for very young children.” And they certainly learned that lesson. Because not much can be found online about Alexia’s time in Wales. However, sometimes some pictures come to me. This shows that Alexia is having a great time at school.

She has a large group of friends of all different nationalities that she hangs out with outside of school. She and her friends traveled to Amsterdam last June to show them our capital. Alexia is undercover with a hat and sunglasses – you’re on trend or not – with a cool purple blazer. They all sit by the canal and, like every other tourist, have a drink at Damrak.

They also have plenty of time to have fun at school in Wales. Alexia easily takes a friend on her shoulders to race against another couple. She is standing with her fellow students by the water, near the school, during a… golden hour.

After only a few months, the foreign adventure will end for Alexia. Then you will get your baccalaureate diploma and it’s time to start studying. Her mother Maxima indicated in an interview with Matthijs van Nieuwkerk in 2021 that Alexia would prefer to study in the Netherlands, but she does not yet know which study it will be. By now Alexia should have an idea of ​​where her interests lie and maybe we’ll hear about it by then. But wherever he is, Alexia will still have to grab her white hat and sunglasses regularly. Because the princess in the Netherlands is a little more famous than the one in remote Wales.

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