A LEGO artist recreates Amsterdam’s canals in detail

A LEGO artist recreates Amsterdam's canals in detail

The magnificent barrel organs, boats and canal houses that unmistakably represent Amsterdam. Lego artist Jarkko Wergang recreated part of the city in detail over the course of seven years. This work is now included in the LEGO exhibition at the 20th Century Museum in Hoorn. “I never thought about that when I started this.”

The display cabinet was emptied specifically to display Weergang’s works. Director Hans Stuijfborgen saw Lego Amsterdam on Instagram and really wanted to put it in his museum. It is difficult for the manufacturer to believe that it actually exists. “Yes, I’m very proud of that, for sure,” laughs Wergang. “It was just for fun, and to enjoy working with Lego myself. I never thought I would end up going to a museum with my work.”


He based the canal houses partly on reality and adds them partly from his imagination. Even though he comes from The Hague area, he can’t get enough of the city. “I think it’s magical when you walk around there and see the buildings,” he describes. “You really had to be there to experience that atmosphere in that regard. And it inspires you when you walk around there.”

“People might look weird when I say I build with Lego.”

Jarko wergang

He had done nothing with stones for years, but when he had children, his old love was reignited. “When I was a kid, this was my favorite toy,” Wergang explains. “I’ve built all kinds of things and the nice thing about it is that you can put it together and try again if you get tired of it. It always stays that way and it retains its value.”

When asked if he had received comments from people who thought it was a children’s toy, he replied: “People might look weird when I say I build with Lego, but when they see it they get excited.”


For those who wish to see the work, it can be viewed until at least September Twentieth Century Museumin Horn.

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