A hot air balloon barely hits the house: “Watch out, that’s not okay!” | interior

A hot air balloon barely hits the house: "Watch out, that's not okay!"  |  interior

“The dogs suddenly started barking, and I immediately saw why,” Jouke de Vries says of Saturday’s predicament in Alstätte near Enschede. From his garden he saw how his balloon was driving his huge chariot over his neighbours’ house.

“The dogs had heard the flares a long time ago and started. When I looked, the balloon was hanging above the neighbor’s roof. The balloon driver tried his best to retrieve it, but couldn’t. He inhaled as much as he could, but really couldn’t get the balloon back.” It was almost inevitable that the balloon was Collide. “But he managed to take him home,” says Margoun, Jockey’s wife. “I basically thought: What size is it!”

Together they saw how the balloon – with a huge picture of a dog – almost crashed into the house, dragged on the ground for a while and stopped in the meadow. Soon the neighbors rushed to carry the basket and help the balloonist and his passengers. Then they dragged the giant into the road where a car from the balloon company had already arrived.


On the street, I was amazed at the reaction of the balloon rider and his four passengers. “He was very comfortable. No, it was so planned, he said, that he ended up in the meadow and missed the house with a hair. Also the occupants were comfortable.”

But it was clear that there was no intention of landing here. De Vries doesn’t know what could have happened. Was it due to heat loss? “I have no idea, the truth is, he couldn’t do it again.”

Fortunately he was here

Previous people in Enschede make jokes about it. They live about four kilometers across the border. A hot air balloon was on its way to Holland. “Good thing we intercepted the balloon here! You don’t know what would have happened otherwise in his Enschede.”

Neighbors help the balloon driver and passengers © Jouke de Vries

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