A hacker has rebuilt the Casio F-91W watch to display 2fa login codes – Tablets and Phones – .Geeks

Two-step authentication is secure, but opening your authentication app every time is a problem. At least that’s what the creative hacker thought, who turned his classic Casio F-91W into a TOTP code generator.

unknown intruder Describes in a blog post How did he manage to turn the Casio F-91W into a smartwatch – or at least one that can generate 2fa codes. The hacker replaced the watch’s internal hardware, but left the original LCD screen and buttons. It also replaced the original watch motherboard with Watch the sensorA panel designed specifically for the classic and bestselling digital watch. The sensor clock has a Micro-chip SAM L22 microcontroller based on Arm Cortex M0+, and the tag can display ten digits on the LCD screen. There is also a UF2 bootloader on the Sensor Watch that can be programmed via USB Micro-B.

The hacker did the latter; made watch face For a watch that automatically generates time-based one-time passwords or TOTP codes, just like apps like Google Authenticator. He had to do it secret Convert 2fa login to hexadecimal bytes and append them to its source code watch face. In addition, make sure that he can switch between the different group icons with one of the buttons on the watch. And don’t worry, it can also read the time on the watch. To do this, he can switch between different watch faces.

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