A group of Dutch Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan

A group of Dutch Afghans evacuated from Afghanistan

A group of Dutch Afghans were allowed to leave Afghanistan on an evacuation flight from Kabul. that reports Washington Post Based on unknown diplomats.

In total, about 200 Afghanis holding dual passports were taken on a Qatar Airways flight, according to reports by several news agencies and international newspapers. according to CNN The plane is on its way to Doha, Qatar. According to the Washington Post, people with US, UK, Italian, Ukrainian, Canadian and German passports will be allowed on the evacuation flight.

I mentioned earlier today new A plane carrying thirteen Dutch nationals departed from Kabul airport. The site wrote that the eviction process was chaotic. It’s probably the same flight.

Getting air traffic back on track

This will be the first major evacuation flight since the last US soldier at the end of August the left From the airport in Kabul. The Taliban have repeatedly said that foreigners or Afghans with valid passports will be allowed to leave the country, but since the US withdrawal they have not put their money where it is.

Reuters news agency reported that US envoy Zalmay Khalilzad pressured the Taliban to allow the group of Afghans to leave with a dual passport. Qatar’s envoy to Afghanistan told the Washington Post that Kabul airport will gradually reopen. Expecting another flight tomorrow.

22000 requests

Since the Taliban’s takeover of the Afghan capital, chaos has arisen at the airport, as the evacuation of Dutch and Afghan nationals who worked for the Dutch army has proven difficult.

The outgoing cabinet said yesterday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs has received nearly 22,000 applications from people in Afghanistan who believe they are eligible for evacuation to the Netherlands. So far, 1,673 people have been evacuated from the Afghan capital, Kabul, to the Netherlands.

In total, Western countries managed to evacuate more than 120 thousand people from Kabul.

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